Slip and Fall Injury at Work

Being injured at work is something we hope never happens; sadly, it happens far too often. The truth is that slip and fall injuries are among the most preventable incidents in the workplace, and if you are a victim, we’re here to help you claim workers’ compensation.

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Common Causes Of Workplace Slip And Fall Incidents

It is management’s role to ensure that every individual on a premise or worksite can carry out their job in a safe environment. Unfortunately, slip and fall injuries at work are reported far too frequently. Preventable factors such as slippery surfaces, poor lighting, clumsily designed walkways and other tripping hazards can cause life-threatening injuries.


The kinds of slip and fall injuries we have won workers’ compensation for include:


  • Back injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Slipped disc injuries
  • Brain injuries
  • Head injuries
  • Physiological damages

If you have had an accident and feel you may be entitled to a work injury damages claim, it is best to seek professional legal advice. Our lawyers at WorkCover Helpline have a wealth of experience and education in personal injury claims. They can help you make a compensation claim from a slip and fall injury at work. Call us today on 1800 435 754.


What Should I Do If I’ve Fallen And Injured Myself At Work?

As soon as practical, you should report the slip and fall incident to your supervisor and fill out the necessary paperwork. They must investigate and take steps to prevent others from being harmed in the same way. They will likely gain reports from witnesses to help to understand the scenario.


You should seek medical assistance for your workplace injuries as soon as possible, and for severe injuries, this should happen before filling out paperwork. Some workplaces may require you to visit their facility nominated doctor; additionally, we encourage you to consult with your GP and follow their advice.


Keep Clear Records

Keep track of everything related to your injury, including time off work, symptoms, medical appointments and discussions at work. If you have required help at home from friends, family or paid professions as a result of your slip and fall injury, record these too.


Keep Receipts And Track Expenses

Expenses related to your workplace injury should be recorded. Include receipts for medications, appointments and travel expenses, particularly if you’ve needed to use Taxis or ride-share services due to being incapacitated from your slip and fall injury.


Collate Supporting Information

Recap as much information as you can and take pictures of your injuries and where they happened. Keep medical reports, certificates, and test results. Collect anything that might show your income being impacted due to your slip and fall injury at work.


Getting Help From The WorkCover HelpLine 

The sad reality is that most people do not attempt to seek legal assistance for their injuries because they feel the process is too stressful or are concerned that they would potentially lose their job. Thankfully, it does not need to be. With our no win no fee guarantee, our services are designed to help our clients make an injury at work claim without risking their finances.

Furthermore, we also offer a free initial consultation. We can help analyse your situation and establish the best direction for you to follow going forward with no obligation. Regardless of the outcome, we will be able to get you the legal advice you need to ensure you are not suffering in silence.

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