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If you’ve been injured at work, the WorkCover Helpline is here to help and will have you speaking with a Toowoomba work accident lawyer fast. The first consultation is free, with no obligations, just clear advice on how to proceed.

I’ve Been Injured In A Work Accident

Unfortunately, workplace accidents happen far too often; yet, many of them could have been prevented. Our work accident lawyers have helped people, just like you, injured at work in Toowoomba and around South East Queensland.

We’ve helped work accident victims gain compensation for:

  • Back and neck injuries
  • Brain and head injuries
  • Fractures and broken bones
  • Tendon damage
  • Physiological impairment
  • Spinal injuries and slipped discs

If you’re suffering following a workplace injury, you may be entitled to make a WorkCover claim or a claim against your employer’s insurer. As experts in workplace law, our WorkCover Helpline Toowoomba lawyers can offer specialist legal advice and help you move forward. To talk to one of our work accident lawyers, call 1800 435 754.

Report The Incident 

Correctly reporting your injury can help your claim immensely. Your workplace should have a process for reporting workplace injuries which you should complete as soon as practical. At a minimum, you should verbally report the work accident to your supervisor at the time or shortly after, even if you don’t think you’ve been injured or feel your injuries are minor.

Prompt reporting enables the correct information to be gathered from you and witnesses and can prevent others from being injured in the same way.

Gain Medical Advice

Regardless of how minor or severe your injuries are, you should seek medical advice. While some workplaces will require you to visit a facility-nominated practitioner, gaining a second opinion from your GP is advisable.

You should have medical attention for serious injuries before completing workplace incident reports or filling out any paperwork.

Collate Supporting Documents

From receipts, doctor’s reports to a diary of symptoms and appointments, keep a clear record of everything related to your workplace injury—this will help your work accident lawyer compile your compensation claim.

It may also be helpful to write down your recollection of any conversations you had with your employer following the incident, especially if you feel that they’re going to try to avoid compensating you.

Track Your Expenses

During a workplace compensation claim in Toowoomba and across Queensland, you shouldn’t claim Medicare and may be required to pay upfront for some medical expenses. These expenses will form part of your compensation claim, so keeping track of these will ensure that you’re rightfully compensated once your claim is approved.

Additionally, record any expenses related to taxi fares and ride-share services if your work accident injury has left you with limited or temporary mobility issues.

Work Accident Help That You Can Trust

If you’re not sure it’s worth the stress of making a compensation claim, talk to us. As Toowoomba work accident lawyers, we pride ourselves on knowing your rights and making the claim process as easy as possible. We offer a no win no fee guarantee so that you can proceed to fight for fair compensation without risking your finances.

Your first consultation with us is free. Our dedicated Toowoomba work accident lawyer will go through the unique circumstances of your case and offer customised advice. This first consultation comes with no obligation; yet, you’ll gain a clear picture of the best way to proceed.

If you’ve been the victim of a work accident, call us on 1800 435 754 or enquire online. One of our Toowoomba work accident lawyers will get back to you as soon as possible.

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