There are two types of accidents that you may be able to make a claim for under the WorkCover Queensland legislation.

Firstly, you can claim for an accident that occurred at work. However, the injuries you sustain in this accident must arise out of, or in the course of, your employment.

Secondly, you can claim for an accident that occurred while travelling to and from work, while on a break from work, or while visiting another place as a result of your job.

The injuries you sustain from such an accident can be physical, including an aggravation of a previous condition or can be a psychological injury.

Workers involved in car accidents while at work or any other accident travelling to or from work may elect to claim WorkCover payments for lost wages and medical expenses AND if they are not at fault may, in addition to the above, make a Compulsory Third Party Claim against the Compulsory Third Party Insurer of the vehicle at fault for pain and suffering, future and past economic loss and care and assistance.

Common Injuries for which Common Law claims are made: –

  • Back injuries
  • Psychological injuries
  • Injuries to hands and feet
  • Burns and dust diseases
  • Shoulder and knee injuries
  • Whiplash injuries from car accidents

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