Total And Permanent
Disability Claims​

The term ‘TPD’ stands for total and permanent disablement.

You are able to make a TPD claim if you have sustained an injury as a result of an accident and you are no longer able to work.

There are various factors that can determine whether or not you are eligible to make a TPD claim, including:

  • The level of disability you have sustained
  • Your superannuation fund – only some policies have an allowance and eligibility to claim for TPD
  • Our age – under some funds you must be under 65 years of age to be eligible to make a TPD claim
  • Whether your injuries result in a ‘total and permanent disability’ as defined by your superannuation provider

TPD is a no fault compensation system.

It is important to note that in relation to TPD claims you are able to make a claim under your superannuation irrespective of how the accident occurred. In other words, if you are seriously injured at work through no fault of your employer or another other party you can still pursue a claim under the TPD provisions of your superannuation.

Superannuation insurers are typically quite difficult to deal with and we assist injured workers on a no win no fee basis to get the entitlements available under their superannuation policies which, at times, insurers will refuse to pay unless you are provided with appropriate legal representation.

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